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Iron Routine

of copyright rights are donated to projects to support lymphoma and leukemia.

Available in print and e-book formats

In Rutina de Hierro I describe my conviction that we can all overcome the challenges that we face. Whether physical, psychological or health, we have the ability to channel the efforts necessary to win them. This process is not easy. It takes a lot of patience, resilience and, above all, the desire to make your dreams come true.

In the book, because I never thought I could face a disease as aggressive as cancer. It is difficult to recognize that you are sick when someone is very healthy, active and disciplined, and who had as a hobby to compete in Ironman races, the most extensive modality of the triathlon.

I understood that I shouldn't waste time looking for explanations about why the illness grabbed me, but the best thing to do was to channel all the efforts to overcome the problem, creating a parallel between the lessons of high-resistance sports practice with the reality of overcoming what would be the main challenge of my life.

​A story of inspiration and motivation for everyone who is going through a difficult time that needs help to overcome it.

Recognizing that many people need help to overcome the illness, all the income obtained from the authorial rights of the book will be donated to the Brazilian Association of Lymphoma and Leukemia (ABRALE).

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